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Cannabis’ Hermaphrodite Conundrum

The commercial cannabis industry is facing a looming problem: it doesn’t have the ability to cultivate cannabis efficiently. Sure, growers have tried to co-opt basement …

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For Scientists

The Future is Bright: Creating Fluorescent Petunias with Marine-Derived Genes

With the rise of easy methods for creating and administering transgenes, there has been an exponential increase in genetically modified organisms. From crops which resist …

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For Kids

Real Life Zombies

The story of fungal mind control Did you know that zombies exist in real life? It all starts with an ant living happily in a rainforest. The ant goes about …

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Hayley McKay is a grad student in the department of Cell & Systems Biology at the University of Toronto. She is conducting research on Cannabis sativa to better understand the genetic pathways underlying male and female flower development.